Venddo Finding new customers is a Can-do



Venddo is a platform that helps businesses to find and retain customers
mainly using Social Media channels. Maybe you can ask “Is that helpful?” In fact, it
is. Our platform adds information from social networks as a source of information;
then, we apply intelligent algorithms and techniques to detect buying intentions or
specific customer profiles.

We are using different approaches from semantic filters, graph analysis,
big data and machine learning algorithms. This provide us with insight about
what customers need or what they usually consume, and give this information
to businesses to help them to attract the customers attention using focused
promotions or specific communication strategies.
Why is Venddo a must?
To help our customers to succeed with an integral approach in social media
marketing, we provide complementary tools:

● Venddo Listening: Is a platform very useful, because it uses the social
networks as a source of information. It uses techniques and smart
algorithms to detect the buying intentions and customer’s profile. (When you
see in your social network advertisings about different brands in which you
are interested, is because they are using this kind of algorithms to find your
● Venddo Social reach: It’s another platform that helps you to measure
the social reach. You can visualize the most commented posts (RT’s and
Replies). You can visualize about the users that stay in touch with your
brand and other points that will help you to optimize your contents or the
necessary style of communication to have a better engagement and impact.
● Venddo Web optimization: We generate optimized and relevant content
for your web site and social media. We identify keywords, competitors and
we use them for positioning your brand/business on the web and Social
Media, generating statistics on real time and specialized reports.
Something else…
● Venddo Crowd Marketing: This tool allows to launch and manage social
media campaigns, in which the followers and users can be the promoters
with a reward or payment. We want to achieve a higher reach across what
we call “Crowd Marketing”.

A Little bit about us.
Venddo started as a research project in 2011. In November 2011 we won
the 1st place of Startup Weekend Puebla, with an international jury.
In July 2012 Venddo becomes accepted in the Wayra acceleration program
in Mexico City with a seed funding of 100,000 USD.

Dou you want to use Venddo?
Of course you can!!
In Venddo we help your business to find and retain customers as well as
increase your customer’s engagement using social media channels.
We are looking for partners and distributors Worldwide. We are also
interested in speaking with investors with interest and experience in digital and
traditional marketing.

We’d like to invite the community to test our FREE Beta of the Listening
product in You’ll love it.



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